1. About DonaBlock

DONABLOCK is built around the essential daily activities of shopping for most people.

Our vision is to create a new culture of contribution within the daily lives of the public through rewards. We collaborate with shopping malls, brands, and charitable organizations to create a platform where users (consumers) can receive token rewards through shopping, supporting compassionate donations for social impact. Simultaneously, we support thousands of sellers worldwide to grow their business.

The main barriers for ordinary users in using cryptocurrencies relies in its complexity and reliability. Our platform aims to create a smart mobile app that enhances the user’s shopping experience, making it easy and secure while motivating them to donate.


Users can easily access global partner brands and sellers through both PC and mobile web. They can shop and use their earned tokens in the form of shopping vouchers, support non-profit organizations, obtain membership cards, or simply withdraw tokens to their wallets.


Similar to existing shopping apps, our platform is easy to use. Anyone can start using it right away with traditional payment methods.


DonaBlock allows global product suppliers and brands to freely promote and sell their products. DonaBlock also supports consumers to actively share their meaningful experiences with us on social media platforms.

By creating both social and economic value with all participants in the DonaBlock community, it becomes easy for sellers worldwide to join our platform.


Earn tokens through everyday shopping, making it more appealing as tokens act not only as reward points but also as investments. To maximize token rewards, users need to use membership cards and donation badges. Membership cards will ‘level up’ through token holdings and making donations to others, with rewards becoming more personalized. This direct incentive encourages sellers, brands, and users to engage in compassionate and benevolent donation activities for social impact through their transactions. Additionally, our platform offers a lifelong referral program where users can receive 5-10% of total rewards from referred friends.

2. DonaBlock Elements

DonaBlock’s mobile app, DonaBox, consists of three main sections: Shopping & Rewards, Donation, and Social Media. For detailed information, refer to the Rewards section.

2-1 Shopping & Rewards

Users can earn token rewards through interactions with sellers from shopping. Once users connect their credit or debit card to the DonaBox app, they can shop at partnering stores using their linked cards and receive token rewards. Tokens can be exchanged for shopping vouchers, donation badges, or withdrawn to a Web3 wallet. Users can also upgrade their membership and enjoy various benefits using tokens.

2-2 Use social media (Sales Activation Code)

Users can earn DOBO rewards by sharing product links on their social media, receiving sales revenue and participating in charity campaigns by donating a portion of their sales.

As the SAC level (Sale Activation Code) increases, sale rewards also increase. SAC level upgrades based on DOBO holdings, sales performance and donations.

2-3 Fame & Donation Badge

Users can level up in their reputation/fame badges to enhance token rewards. There are a total of 10 fame badges, and each badge’s reputation value increases based on donation amounts, allowing users to upgrade to the next level. To acquire higher-level fame badges, users can combine two different badges. The highest-level fame badge enables users to receive triple the rewards

3. DonaBlock unique approach

Worldwide sellers and brands, whether online or offline, can easily join our platform. Additionally, we design attractive and sustainable methods to reward tokens. Some tokens rewarded to users through shopping lead to donations, while DOBO tokens are sold in the market. However, we use a portion of the revenue to buy back DOBO from the market.

Profits from seller commissions back all DOBO tokens issued in the market. This ensures that every token holds intrinsic value generated through users’ shopping.

We also categorize 10 donation badge groups, including but not limited to: children and youth, environmental protection, food and water. Donation badges assist users in receiving up to three times more rewards through leveling up. To use a specific donation badge, users need to accumulate sufficient donation records.

Moreover, since reward tokens are designed as points, they are minimally affected by legal restrictions. This means users can still use flat currency instead of cryptocurrencies for transactions.

4. Tokenomics

The DonaBlock ecosystem features the DOBO token as its primary token, with a fixed supply of 2 billion tokens. These tokens are extensively utilized within the ecosystem for incineration, transactions, donations, and unlocking various functionalities and benefits.

In DonaBlock Tokenomics, when fees are collected, some DOBO tokens are taken out of circulation. Sellers pay us sales commissions, and we use the revenue to buy back DOBO from the market, providing users with DOBO.

This ensures the sustainability of DOBO token value over time, maintaining its resilience against a continuous decrease in value and prevents it from dropping to zero due to sales commissions.

5. Revenue model

Seller Sales Commission: Seller partners pay a sales commission when DonaBlock users make transactions in their stores and malls.

Influence Mediation Fee: We charge a 5% transaction fee in DOBO for each transaction generated on social media.

In-App Participation: Users need to use DOBO for activities required to upgrade rewards, such as membership cards, reputation badges, and social media sales.

DonaBlock is an affiliate platform connecting users, sellers and influencers. Users can open the DonaBox app, choose products from brands they need or like, and make purchases.

Seller partners pay sales commissions to DonaBlock, and this is shared with users in the form of cashback. Cashback can be withdrawn and converted to popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Binance Coin. Additionally, DonaBlock rewards users with cashback DOBO (cryptocurrency issued by DonaBlock) from their shopping, which can be sold to make money.

We aim to change how people participate, connect, and generate income with cryptocurrencies. Although the business model of DonaBlock may evolve over time, the ultimate vision and mission remain providing the easiest and safest gateway for everyone to start their journey of earning and donating.

Through the appealing Shop-To-Donate model, we strive to create both social and economic value by offering numerous benefits to all relevant stakeholders.


The DonaBlock token (DOBO) is a utility token. Similar to real estate and gold not being securities, DOBO is not a security.

The increase in value/price of DOBO is not guaranteed.

The company assumes no responsibility for fluctuations in the DOBO price.

The company is not liable for customer losses, damages, or harm related to DOBO.

The above description is not intended to encourage investment.

The above description is provided solely for the purpose of offering general information to customers.

The above description may be subject to change without prior notice, and the company is not responsible for the current or updated descriptions.

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