6-6 Donate Crypto

Donate Crypto to a Charity or Nonprofit

Millions of people regularly donate to charities to positively impact their lives and support their beliefs.

DonaBlock is a way to make every donation to be the most effective.

DonaBlock protect a transparent element and eliminate the possibility of misreporting by allowing donors to view and analyze the movement of their donations, from the moment of donation till the charitable organization spending.

The beauty of digital currencies is resilient during the pandemic when social and economic conditions are impacted negatively.

Because of its borderless and neutral nature, not to mention its ability to transcend censorship, cryptocurrencies offer a comprehensive selection that charities can use.

"ShopGive" quickly, safely and transparently to thousands of charities and non-profit organizations around the world.

Donate to friends and Neighbors

The "Give to friends and Neighbors" service is a feature that allows you to share the "ShopBack" you receive when shopping from partner merchants with others. This feature is available in the DonaBlock App's 'My Wallet' menu.

The DonaBlock Token giver sends DonaBlock Tokens by entering the recipient's contact information or social media name. You can easily give them your tokens even if you don't know the recipient's account information or wallet address.

Token recipients receive a gift arrival notification and can accept or decline. You will automatically be prompted to join DonaBlock if you accept the gift, then you will receive DonaBlock Tokens shared in 'My Wallet' in your DonaBlock App.

Donate to crowdfunding

DonaBlock hands over the raised donation from crowd funding to local partners directly and fully.

As the local entrepreneurs run the business and make profits, they return partial amount of the fund (50~100%). Impact donors take half of the returned donation in impact Token and thankfully, the rest is donated to DonaBlock.

The higher rate of return, the more stable local businesses are. This underlies a message that the local entrepreuers are on the right track to self-reliance.

DonaBlock exercises incentive- and penalty-based policy to avoid local partner's moral hazards and achieves the 100% reach of the donation. Local partner's credibility level is open and transparent.


We are looking for social enterprises in the early stage which need an operating fund and business consulting:

The organization must have a solid profit/ business model.

The applicant must be able to communicate in English.

The organization has operated in alliance with the Sustainable Development Goals.


Crowdfunding opportunity up to $8,000 that can fuel your business

Additional support by DonaBlock including business consultation, marketing and fundraising (This includes production of the proposal, visualized promotional materials such as videos and images)

Gateway to network opportunities for additional funding and resources such as impact investment and acceleration program through DonaBlock network

Process and Guidelines

Once selected as partner, DonaBlock will prepare for the fundraising process.

After mutual agreement between DonaBlock and the partner, DonaBlock will start the fundraising campaign through our crowdfunding platform.

DonaBlock sends 100% of the fund raised to the partner.

The partner provides project updates to DonaBlock.

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