9-3. DonaBlock Giving Fund -Impact Fund

The DonaBlock Giving Fund is a global platform enhancing the potential of global village through horizontal cooperation with local social entrepreneurs.

The DonaBlock Giving Fund supports sustainable growth of social enterprises operating in order to solve social, environmental, health, and famine issues specified in the UN-SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through crowdfunding.

Investors, non-profit organizations, businesses, and consumers around the world who support sustainable development participate in “impact donations” through the DonaBlock Giving Fund platform.

Horizontal Cooperation

By having horizontal cooperation with social entrepreneurs in developing countries and we pursue the value of true coexistence and win-win growth.

Transparent Fund

'100%' of the raised amount of funds goes to local social entrepreneurs partners.

The rate of operating expenses depends on the donors, and the usage of the fund for each seeding projects is verifiable from 'Dashboard', which is transparently open to the Customer.

Self-Reliance - Fund Returned

Their self-reliance is our sustainability.

We strongly believe in innate capacity of local wanna-be-entrepreneurs and strive to pursue co-existence and inclusiveness.

The DonaBlock Giving Fund would only survive with the self-reliance by the local entrepreneur.

· With trust and mutual respect, focus on the value and potential of underprivileged social entrepreneurs.

· By creating citizen-led social finance, supports self reliance and mutual growth.

· By cooperating on profit business with domestic and international partners based on trust, we establish sustainable non-profit business model.

Impact Giving Model

DonaBlock hands over the raised donation from crowd funding to local partners directly and fully. As the local entrepreneurs run the business and make profits, they return partial amount of the fund (50~100%). Impact donors take half of the returned donation in impact points and thankfully, the rest is donated to DonaBlock.

The higher rate of return, the more stable local businesses are. This underlies a message that the local entrepreuers are on the right track to self-reliance.

DonaBlock exercises incentive- and penalty-based policy to avoid local partner's moral hazards and achieves the 100% reach of the donation. Local partner's credibility level is open and transparent.

How to apply for crowdfunding opportunity

Are you running a business in developing countries?

Are you a passionate entrepreneur hoping to change the world into a better place?

DonaBlock calls on all change makers who aim to bring changes to the world through their business!


We are looking for social enterprises in the early stage which need an operating fund and business consulting:

· The organization must have a solid profit/ business model.

· The applicant must be able to communicate in English.

· The organization has operated in alliance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Impact Process

Raising impact donation

Local entrepreneurs in the less developed countries start projects on DonaBlock dashboard and you and other impact donors pledge to fund.

100% transfer of impact donation

100% of raised impact donation is carried to the local entrepreneurs and they start proactive projects with your funds.

Project grow into self-reliance and impact token returned

Funds are returned to donors in impact token installments.

With impact other projects can also funded, meaning donation culture grows to be sustainable.

Impact Participation

  1. Project Selection

Select a project depending on a country and social impact that you are interested.

  1. Impact Donation

Make impact donation for supporting self-reliance of local entrepreneurs.

3. Chekcing Impact Sharing Report

Created social impact will be reported through the dashboard sharing report.

4. Checking Impact Token

Depending on rate of self-reliance, impact donation will be returned returned impact Tokens.

5. Using Impact Give Token

You can make another impact donation using returned impact Tokens.

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