16-1. Token Flow

Suppliers who want to sell their products with volunteers must pay DonaBlock tokens when registering products on Dashboard.

The tokens paid by suppliers are directly transferred to Dona Ecosystem Reserve as donation.

The Ecosystem Reserve has a Token Reward Pool to distribute DonaBlock tokens to each rewarding parties.

All the token inflow is to be deposited in the Reserve, and sales revenue from customers are also automatically exchanged into Give Token and deposited in the Reserve. Some of the tokens reserved are transferred to the Reward Pool to be distributed to 2 different parties :

1) Volunteers , and

2) Customers as token rewards.

When a customer purchases a product through volunteers’ promotional contents, either fiat or tokens paid is internally processed on the protocol's payment service in Commerce Layer, and deposited in the Reserve.

The corresponding supplier will be paid in fiat or token according to the original payment means of the purchase, and the volunteers receives sales reward in token based on the "ShopBack" agreement. Furthermore, customers who purchase products with DonaBlock tokens get rewarded, and the volunteers who have high activity records are also eligible for extra reward.

All of these rewards are based on each participant’s actual performance within the ecosystem.

The rewarded tokens are tradable into fiat on any exchanges where Dona is listed.

Also, any participants/contributors can purchase DonaBlock tokens from the exchanges :

for paid services/ features on DonaBlock or for product purchase on token-only sale.

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