14-6 Quantum cryptography & SECURITY

Blockchain Quantum Security

The greatest issue in blockchain networks is security. We present a new paradigm for quantum encryption, which is becoming an issue in the industry, to the community. We support the original mission by preventing the loss of value of your valuable donation assets due to unethical acts such as hacking.

Our blockchain quantum encryption solution focuses on current issues rather than future ones.

The ECDSA(Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) encryption algorithm adopted by BNB uses quantum-entangled entropy data as a seed when generating random numbers. The enhanced encryption level achieved through quantumization ensures the safety of your valuable donation assets from loss or theft.

Our quantum encryption solution is the only technology that can be implemented using existing technology.

QEaaS(Quantum Entropy as a Service)

By using QEaaS, all results (Constructed Result) combined with quantum-entangled seed data can always be generated as a quantum-encrypted key, regardless of whether one side is pseudo or true.

The electronic wallet generated by your private key always guarantees security at the quantum encryption level. QEaaS (Quantum Entropy as a Service) is different from network technologies such as quantum-resistant cryptography (Post Quantum Cryptography) and Quantum Key Distributor (QKD), which cannot control below the L3 layer in the OSI layer, and are not yet applicable to the

blockchain ecosystem. Our QEaaS service solution can be naturally transplanted and applied to old encryption methods with simple API integration regardless of the layer.

Our quantum encryption solution complies with traditional network environments and encryption rules.

We provide quantum encryption solutions for companies and ecosystems that value the demand and supply of tokens and a more advanced security environment. We are preparing for the old blockchain network

and future security standards. We spare no effort in providing the only quantum encryption environment that can realistically be provided until the future point to take responsibility for the security issues in the blockchain ecosystem.

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