12-1. Volunteer Evaluation System

Volunteers are evaluated based on their sales performance and level of activity. Such evaluation is defined as 'Block Fame'. This rating can be seen on both on-chain and off-chain variables, providing a transparent and objective proof of fame. This rating is used as a reference when a supplier chooses a volunteer and agrees on a donation ratio, and is also used as a measure of trust within the ecosystem. The variables that determine the Block Fame are publicly available to suppliers and charities on a separate dashboard.

BlockFame 6 Levels of Volunteer

Volunteers are divided into 6 levels according to the Block Fame tree. In order to increase the likelihood of collaborating with a Volunteer and their donation campaign, the supplier must offer a high ShopBack determined by the ecosystem. If demand for a particular product exceeds supply, the transaction may be passed to the Volunteer with the highest level of activity in a first-come, first-served manner. To prevent this, Block Fame is evaluated based on the activity of the past 3 months.

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