5-3 DonaBlock.3 - DonaBlock Store

Offline partner stores are stores with "kind and benevolent influence" that practice dedication and sharing for disadvantaged groups. Partner stores can register sales product information and prices on the dashboard and actively promote participation in charity campaigns to consumers. Therefore, they provide consumers who visit the store with high levels of donation rights ("ShopBack").

Franchise Partner Stores

Customers at partner stores provide "ShopBack" for consumption from dining, travel, coffee, gas stations, and takeout, etc., using the activated DonaBlock APP.

Register affiliated credit or debit cards for use on the mobile APP and visit the partner store for payment. If the payment is approved, the partner store will "ShopBack" the sales profit to the consumer through the card company.

Using the affiliated card connected to the DonaBlock APP provides "ShopBack" (up to 10%) for consumption at partner stores.

Small business partner stores

To connect to the DonaBlock Store, one of the DonaBlock donation platforms, partner stores must be interested in dedication and charity campaigns for disadvantaged groups.

Partner stores must hold a certain amount of DonaGive Tokens to register as a charity store on DonaBlock Store.

In order to conduct charity campaigns with influential volunteer resources, partner stores must share store information on the dashboard and pay a certain amount of DonaBlock Tokens when registering store information on the DonaBlock Board (dashboard).

Partner stores can voluntarily determine the level of "ShopBack" they will offer to consumers and make it public on the network.

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