14-5 Structure of API and Other Infrastructures

DonaBlock team not only provides the internally refined data but also various API that handles the customer queries ranging in different level.

This API will manage various crypto donation Widget services in its platform and further expand to provide SDK in the future.

The ultimate goal of the development is to provide the most conveniently-used API with all functions introduced affixed.

DonaBlock requires Multi-Contract and Multi-State Interface to be provided via web and mobile platform.

According to the agreed smart contract, the service flow consists of the infrastructure configuration as represented below.

  1. DonaBlock collects raw data to collect and process large data record streams in real time.

  2. The server in charge of the data collection takes control of In-Memory caching (Redis, Memcached, etc) to perform high-capacity traffic processing.

  3. The collected data are to be stored in the storage such as Cloud Storage, Cloud Bigtable or Cloud Datastore, and will be distributed to the large capacity storage such as BigQuery and Cloud Storage.

  4. The personal information data will be encrypted and stored on the storage server, and will be used for PaaS's API Big Data Analysis service through the following infrastructure.

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