5-4 DonaBlock Ecosystem Participants & Contributors

Brand -Brand mall

A. The brand partner operates its own mall and supports UI/UX for product purchasing, legal currency payment systems, and customer support (refund, return, shipping) systems.

B. The brand partner provides information for Affiliate Stores Tracking and Data Collection in the DonaBlock Browser Extension (provides the Brand ID to start the "ShopBack" session and the URL indicating the location where the session started).

The brand can voluntarily determine the level of "ShopBack" it will offer to consumers and make it public on the network. In the long term, the brand supports token payment and legal currency payment through an internal exchange system.

Supplier -Bazaar

UI/UX for purchasing goods, legal tender payment system, and customer support (refund, return, delivery) system are supported.

To sell products to Bazaar, Supplier must possess a certain amount of DonaBlock tokens.

Supplier can select volunteers on their dashboard to promote their products and propose charitable activities.

Supplier can propose to consumers that their donations reach a charitable organization or Index Fund that aligns with the company's philosophy and SDGs.

Consumers can freely determine the level of "ShopBack" and make it public on the network.

When Supplier register their products on the dashboard, they must be paid a certain amount of DonaBlock tokens.

In the long run, Supplier will support token payment and legal tender payment through the internal exchange system.

Store (offline store)

Consumers can register their affiliated credit card or debit card with DonaBlock APP, visit a partner store, and when payment is approved, the partner store will "ShopBack" the sales profit to the consumer through the card company.

Using a DonaBlock affiliated card provides up to 10% "ShopBack" for consumption at partner stores.

To register as a charity store, a certain amount of DonaGive tokens must be possessed.

Partner stores must share their store information on the dashboard to cooperate with resource volunteers with consumer influence and charitable campaigns, and must be paid a certain amount of DonaBlock tokens when registering store information on the DonaBlock Board (dashboard).

Partner stores can freely determine the level of "ShopBack" to offer customers and make it public on the network.

Customer (Dona-Pitcher)

Dona Pitchers who have received DonaBlock Tokens through ShopBack must donate their Dona Tokens to Dona Catchers. (neighbors, friends, family, NGOs)

Customers can receive DonaGive tokens that can be donated through DonaBlock when purchasing goods.

Customers can donate the DonaGive tokens they receive through purchasing goods to charitable organizations or through the DonaBlock Fund.

Customers can receive DonaBlock Tokens as a reward for donating Give Tokens.

The DonaBlock Tokens received as a reward can be used for purchasing goods at Bazaar, supporting resource volunteering activities, and participating in the community, and can be withdrawn to an external wallet.

A total of 10 levels of reputation grades are created based on the customer's donation history of DonaGive tokens and the amount of DonaBlock tokens they possess, and the reputation grade affects discounts on goods purchases and rewards.

Charity, Nonprofits (Donna-Catcher)

Dona Catchers are able to cash in received DonaBlock Tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Charities can receive donations of DonaGive tokens that consumers receive as rewards for purchasing goods on DonaBlock.

Charities can automatically convert donated cryptocurrency to legal tender and receive it in a bank account, or HOLD the donated cryptocurrency without having to handle it.

Charities can request to conduct campaigns and resource volunteering activities with volunteers on the dashboard.

Charitable organizations must honestly disclose transparent information necessary for charitable campaign activities as members of the ecosystem of the DonaBlock donation platform

Crowdfunding Partners (CFP)

The business must be registered as a business in the relevant country, operate legally, and show a strong commitment to serving disadvantaged groups in the region.

It must operate according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Partners can set a funding goal of up to $7,000 and submit it to DonaBlock.

The information is made public on the dashboard and is decided by voting on whether to proceed with the project.

After final agreement, DonaBlock will proceed with fund raising together with the partner.

DonaBlock will transfer 100% of the raised cryptocurrency to the partner.

Partners will regularly share the progress of the project on DonaBlock's dashboard.

Volunteers (Talent donation)

Those participating in voluntary and selfless activities to help others in need and contribute to the public good by providing time and talents are called volunteers.

Volunteers can propose or receive proposals for charitable campaigns from charitable organizations, suppliers, brands, and other ecosystem participants on the dashboard.

Volunteers and consumers will have a reputation level formed based on their participation in charitable campaigns, which will affect future rewards.

DonaBlock Corporation (operation management)

Dona Corporation is the entity that supports the overall operation of DonaBlock.

Dispute Resolution: Until DonaBlock is fully activated, Dona Corporation will handle the role of dispute resolution.

Dashboard: We will create and manage a dashboard to facilitate smooth smart contract operations among ecosystem members.

Database: We will be responsible for storing large product images and large-volume data files that are too large to store on the blockchain.

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