7-3 Active consumer participation- volunteer

One area where you can gain the value of life by confirming your own existence and pride is volunteering. Volunteering originated from the Latin word (voluntas) meaning voluntarism, which refers to individuals and organizations' voluntary participation and providing time and talents to help neighbors and society without reward to solve social problems and contribute to social welfare. A person who practices such voluntary activity is called a volunteer

• In order to participate in DonaBlock Bazaar as a volunteer, you must share your Social Media Followers, operating website, and required "ShopBack" levels etc., on DonaBlock's Dashboard (DonaBlock Board).

• Volunteers can create product reviews in the form of short-form videos and share them on Social Media to participate in DonaBlock's charity campaigns.

• Volunteers can either propose to sell products on DonaBlock Bazaar or receive proposals from suppliers on the Dashboard.

• Volunteers can participate in DonaBlock's charity campaigns using the unique code URL that connects them to DonaBlock Bazaar.

• Volunteers can propose or receive charity campaign activities from other ecosystem participants, such as charities, suppliers, and brands, on the Dashboard.

• Volunteers and consumers will have their reputation levels formed according to their participation in charity campaigns, which will affect their rewards in the future.

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