14-3 Commerce Layer

The Commerce Service Layer of DonaBlock provides back-end services for commerce transactions between blockchain network and the front-end applications.

Various commerce application services using DonaBlock can access the blockchain network only through this Commerce layer.

To support actual commerce transactions, applications require various features such as product curation module, "ShopBack" contract system, deal/product inventory, authentication system, payment, internal exchanges, etc.

The Commerce Service Layer contains those functional systems and pre- processing of data to ensure rapid, seamless transactions. To build the whole ecosystem efficiently, 3rd party blockchain-based services can join on commerce layer as contributors.

Also, in this layer, APIs (Application Programming Interface) that can easily access to the blockchain network are provided as SDK (Software Development Kit), so that various application providers can easily develop and integrate Commerce utilizing DonaBlock. DonaBlock team will develop various APIs for DonaBlock such as , Dona Data Analysis & Dashboard API, etc. as SDK with multi-language supports so that any Commerce Service Providers (end-user applications) can easily integrate the volunteer commerce and/or access to information on DonaBlock to further create services that enrich DonaBlock ecosystem.

Components of the Commerce Layer are as follows.

1. Dealer Component is in charge of the transaction among Supplier, volunteer, and Customer.

Following is the table explaining sub-modules of Dealer Component.

[Figure : Dealer Component]

2. Following is the table explaining sub-modules of "ShopBack" System Component.

[Figure : "ShopBack" System Component]

3. Following is the table explaining sub-modules of Dashboard Component

[Figure : Dashboard Component]

4. Reg/Auth Component registers each member on DonaBlock after identity verification. Following is the table explaining sub-modules of Reg/Auth Component.

[Figure : Reg/Auth Component]

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