6-3 DonaBlock Browser Extension

DonaBlock receives a fee from the retailers, brands, merchants, and other partners participating in the Program ("Affiliate Stores") for each Qualifying Purchase.

DonaBlock in turn makes available to its members a "ShopBack" as DonaBlock Tokens at the time of disbursement, subject to certain conditions hereunder.

In order to earn "ShopBack", you must be signed in to one of the DonaBlock Properties, use the shopping links within the DonaBlock Properties, have cookies enabled for affiliate and retailer sites, disable AdBlockers (including the built-in blocking capabilities)

Participation in the Program and the opportunity to earn DonaBlock Tokens are offered at the sole discretion of DonaBlock and subject to your compliance.

Affiliate Stores Tracking

When visiting a brand's website, the DonaBlock Browser Extension will either create a tracking ticket and start a "ShopBack" rewards shopping session or visually prompt you to press a button to start your DonaBlock "ShopBack" rewards shopping session.

The DonaBlock Browser Extension may also alert you of a deal or offer with respect to a product or brand appearing on your search results or other pages you visit across the web and prompt you to start a shopping session on an Affiliate Store's site.

If you start a shopping session using the DonaBlock Browser Extension, it will set a cookie on your computer for the purpose of tracking your shopping session and crediting your "ShopBack" reward just as if you had begun your shopping experience via any other DonaBlock link.

Data Collection

By installing the DonaBlock Browser Extension, we will collect and store the identities of retailers with whom you store a DonaBlock "ShopBack" Shopping session, including the URL indicating where such a session was initiated.

The DonaBlock Browser Extension may also utilize but not collect and store URLs of retail partner pages visited in order to determine when a "ShopBack" reward offer might be applicable, when you are ready to checkout, or when you have placed an order ("Passive Data").

You may turn off collection of Passive Data by the DonaBlock Browser Extension by uninstalling the DonaBlock Browser Extension. Use of the information collected by the DonaBlock Browser Extension is subject to this Google Analytics and the Privacy Policy.

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