7-2 Dona Bazaar ShopGive

• Consumers who receive "ShopBack" in DonaBlock Token can search for various donation targets on the DonaBlock platform and have the "ShopGive" authority to donate to the desired target with DonaBlock Token.

• Donation targets are diverse and can be donated immediately in cryptocurrencies worldwide.

• There are very strict standards in selecting "ShopGive" targets (charity organizations, non-profit organizations).

• "ShopGive" is donated quickly, safely, and transparently to any charity organization or non-profit organization, company, or individual. This is the biggest reason why we donate with cryptocurrencies.

• "ShopGive" is a consumer that starts with "satisfying my needs" and can continue as a good donation activity in everyday consumption, creating a pleasant change.

• "ShopGive" Campaign means the value that can contribute to public benefit and community development in all areas such as society, environment, culture.

• DonaBlock's consumers purchase social economy products that contain various values, support and share their values.

• Opportunities for participating in "ShopGive" campaigns and donating cryptocurrencies are provided through DonaBlock.

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