9-1. How to Donate Crypto to Support Charities


Accepting crypto donations doesn’t mean your organization is investing in crypto.

Through The DonaBlock Giving Fund, nonprofits can either have a crypto donation automatically converted into dollars and sent to their bank accounts, or hold onto it (HODL), never having to touch the donated cryptocurrency.


Consumer trust is very important to us. We verify that all nonprofit organizations using DonaBlock are registered nonprofit organizations, charities, and foundations. Charities must be transparent and disclose the necessary information for charity campaigns as members of the DonaBlock donation platform ecosystem. Based on the information registered by the nonprofit organization, we connect consumers to donation organizations through AI recommendations, category classification, keyword search, etc. for their convenience.


This Index Fund brings together several nonprofit organizations with similar focuses or missions. The details of the tasks of each nonprofit organization may be different, but these nonprofit organizations in the Index Fund have been selected because they match the most important objectives. If a brand has a specific problem area that it wants to support through charitable donations, it is a good idea to donate to the Index Fund. A single transaction can help nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes. With a single donation, donors can maximize their impact and support multiple nonprofit organizations that match their specific goals. The funds are distributed equally to each participating nonprofit organization regardless of size. Once a month, the total value of each fund is distributed equally to all nonprofit organizations participating in the fund.


DonaBlock Fund is a platform that supports social enterprises that are working to solve social, environmental, health, and hunger problems, as specified in the UNSDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), through crowdfunding, so that they can achieve sustainable growth. Investors, nonprofit organizations, businesses, consumers, and others who support sustainable development around the world participate in "impact donation" through the DonaBlock Fund platform.

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