14-2 Core Layer

The Core Layer stores the sales activity information of each participants of DonaBlock Ecosystem on blockchain and distributed repository. The sales activity information is collected from all the activities generated by end users and from transactions of each deals on DonaBlock.

Critical data, such as product information of the deal, "ShopBack" contract between a supplier and an volunteer, sales records from transactions made by customers on each commerce provider's services, other sales related activities by end users, is stored on blockchain network to prevent fabrication, intervention, or fraudulent activities.

Those data play an important role in the ecosystem to evaluate accurate sales performance of each volunteer and to analyze their followers. DonaBlock blockchain network will be built on an existing Mainnet with minimal data at the initial stage, but it aims to be run independently to support full commerce engine by operating Dona Mainnet or side chain in the future.

In addition, detailed activity data of ecosystem participants will be stored on distributed storage as cached, asynchronous data to increase the efficiency of on-chain transactions.

For example, activities generated by volunteer, detailed purchase information of a customer, and identities of participants are stored on separate, distributed data repository rather than a main blockchain network since they are cold data with a low access frequency.

Also, deal contents created by volunteer or product contents provided by suppliers are on the distributed data storage.

The data on this layer is encrypted and can only be viewed by the data owner, or permitted individuals/companies by the data owner.

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