5-2 DonaBlock.2 Bazaar Connect - DonaBlock Bazaar

  • DonaBlock Bazaar is specialized in charity campaigns for animal protection, environmental improvement, gender equality, and support for disadvantaged groups. Therefore, the brand products participating in this bazaar provide consumers with higher levels of donation rights (up to 100%) than the typical "brand mall connection" service.

  • To connect products to DonaBlock Bazaar, one of the DonaBlock donation platforms, brands must pass the company's strict examination of product quality and sales policies.

  • Brands must hold a certain amount of DonaGive Tokens when registering products with the bazaar.

  • In order to conduct charity campaigns with influential volunteer resources, brands must share product information on the dashboard and pay a certain amount of DonaBlock Tokens when registering products on the DonaBlock Board (dashboard).

  • Brands can voluntarily determine the level of "ShopBack" they will offer to consumers and make it public on the network.

  • The entire intermediate profits received from brand partners will be given to consumers ‘"ShopBack"’.

  • Users who have received "ShopBack" can search for various donation targets on the DonaBlock platform and donate with Dona Tokens.

  • DonaBlock Bazaar will support both token payments and legal tender payments through its internal exchange system in the long term.

  • Connecting consumers to charity projects brings increased corporate value and positive effects for the brand.

  • Donation targets are widespread globally and can be donated immediately with cryptocurrency.

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